Great importance is laid on extracurricular, Literary, cultural and religious activities in the college, as these activities play pivotal role in grooming and shaping the personalities of cadets, which form an integral part of training. Hamd-o-Naat competitions are organized on religious days as mentioned earlier. Other activities of interest are following:




It has been viewed by modern educationists that properly organized sports not only help towards physical fitness and alertness but also inculcates sense of fair play and discipline, which teaches them team work and builds character qualities. Hence the stress on sports is no less than that on studies because the role of sports is undeniable. Sports activities are important and essential feature of daily routine of the college. To keep the cadets physically fit and agile, morning PT is conducted on daily basis and is supervised by qualified/trained staff. Cricket, Hockey, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Badminton, Squash and Table Tennis are played under the supervision of experienced coaches.