To inculcate in cadets the habit of reading and learning regularly, surprise/spot tests are conducted and examinations are held on regular basis. This is one of the means of evaluating the progress of gaining knowledge by the cadets.


 At any time the Principal and DOS can check the cadets` academic progress through surprise tests. Results of such test are properly maintained and necessary instructions are issued on the basis of results.



Monthly tests of short duration are held on completion of each month. They are to ensure the habit of regular studies in the hostels by cadets and to evaluate their progress at every stage



 Cadets have to appear in this examination at the mid of each term



On the completion of half year and 1st term, this examination is held. Question papers cover all the courses covered till that time.



Pre-Board/Send-up examinations for each class are held 3 to 4 weeks before final board examination, i.e. completion of all syllabi. The question papers are set on board pattern.



 At the end of each academic year, annual examination is held for class VIII. Passing Cadets are promoted to the Class IX. Cadets of other Classes appear in their respective board examinations.


CONTROL PROCEDURE: Inspection and examination tools (examination Questions papers etc) used for examination and test equipment used in the laboratories for training purposes are to meet the following requirement:



  1. Documented evidence of checking of questions in term of accuracy and perfection in accordance with laid down verification procedures by the group officers before use.
  2. Documented evidence of checking by VP / DOS that examination papers, tools are appropriate, complete accurate.
  3. VP / DOS verifies marking scheme so developed for its proper apportion.
  4. Examination papers are confidentially identified / stored in the restricted area, under the control of OI/C Examinations.
  5. Record of proper handling, storage and usage of laboratory   equipment is maintained / ensured. Lab. Incharge maintains a master list of equipment reflecting their proper serviceability status at all times.

All examinations related material are safe guarded by OI/C examination / instructors, to avoid any unauthorized leakage of information